Straight Stairlift

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Is your staircase an obstacle in your home? A stair lift can provide accessibility between the floors in your family home and offer you complete independence despite reduced mobility due to age, disease or injury. Home Safe Homes offers product sourcing as well as installation of stair lifts including straight stair lifts, custom curved stair lifts, heavy duty stair lifts, or outdoor stair lifts. We offer different models and can customize the one that meets your individual needs.
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Bathroom Modifications and Remodeling

Renovative bath system shower

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Whether due to aging, illness or disability, when bathrooms need to be modified to reduce barriers for the safety and comfort of those at home — Home Safe Homes can help. Our professionals can advise you on grab bars and other equipment to modify your bathroom to ensure maximum safety and independence.

    • Roll-in showers
    • Walk-in tubs
    • Grab bars

Consider these safety tips to reduce falls in the bathroom:

  • Ensure shower doors are made of safety glass or replace with a shower curtain.
  • Take extra care when on a wet surface. Slip-resistant flooring is recommended for bathrooms, such as paint-on applications or self-adhesive non-slip strips.
  • Grab bars are recommended in all positions around the bath and toilet. Never use a towel rail to support body weight.
  • Hand-held shower hoses are a good idea, as are shower chairs or bath seats when mobility or balance is in question.

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Wheelchair Ramps and Lifts

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Increasing client mobility and safety at entrances of the home often includes installation of wheelchair accessible ramps or lifts. Home Safe Homes specializes in designing and building permanent wooden ramps that are ADA compatible or installing temporary modular aluminum ramps. Our aluminum wheelchair ramps are also available for rent.
Additionally, Vertical Platform Lifts make accessing the home entrance easier and safer for those utilizing wheelchairs and scooters when space or height limitations make a ramp prohibitive.

Patient Lifts

Molift Ceiling Lifts

logo moliftAs an authorized dealer of Molift Hoists and Slings, Home Safe Homes has access to products designed to give caregivers the best support and an optimal environment.

The Benefits of Ceiling Lifts
Home Safe Homes is a certified installer and dealer of the MoLift Rail System: the flexible ceiling hoist system.
It’s the optimal solution to assist caregivers and solve all hoisting needs for disabled persons.

Molift products are designed for LIFE.

Etac Visual Identity Guidelines

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Caregiver Health Matters
Home Safe Homes is proud to work with Molift to supply equipment that facilitates moving and handling and reduces the need for heavy manual handling/lifting.

Molift products are designed to give patients a better life while providing caregivers the best support and optimum environment at work or at home. Molift creates solutions that improve the quality of life for caregivers — leading to healthier caregivers with more energy to provide attention, love, and care.
As an authorized Molift dealer, we have one mission: To give caregivers better health.

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The Molift Rail System

The Molift Rail System is a cost-effective solution for hospitals, institutions, nursing and private homes. It is easily integrated and is aesthetically adjusted to the design and architecture of the room.

This extremely flexible ceiling hoist system is built in four main configurations:

Single Rail System
Straight rail and/or curve rails give a simple and effective patient transfer for the most common lifting situations such as bed-to-wheelchair.

Traverse Rail System
The most flexible solution which covers the whole lifting area independent of refurnish or equipment changes in the room.

Room-to-Room Transfer
When transfer is needed from one room to another or from one rail system to the next, Molift can provide room-to-room function (climbing), switch systems, or continuing rail systems through doorways, etc.

Freestanding Hoist Units
A freestanding system is the best alternative when the lifting need is temporary or when the facility is not built for fixed installations.

Pool Fencing

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A home’s pool and patio should be a place of enjoyment and relaxation, not a cause of worry and concern. A pool fence can help transform this part of the home into an area enjoyed by the entire family.

The Protect-A-Child Pool Fence our made up with composite fiberglass pool fence posts, with their superior, long-lasting construction, are guaranteed to never become bent or broken. Our mesh pool fence is completely removable in minutes which means it can be removed when necessary and you can take it with you from home to home. With a lifetime warranty, your pool fence will remain safe and attractive for years to come.

Mesh fence features include:

  • 100% composite fiberglass posts and moldings.
  • Post color is “built in” with colored resins rather than painted on or coated like aluminum.
  • Impervious to water, sun, and weather.
  • Does not become hot in the sun like metal posts.
  • Assembled with our super strong, weather proof, PVC coated polyester – transparent mesh.
  • Does not conduct electricity – meets all Electrical Codes for your pool.
  • To learn more about our pool fences, please contact us.


Picture of a mother and son using a child safety gate.

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With the intent to make your home environment as safe as possible for your little ones, Home Safe Homes offers a comprehensive assortment of child home safety products including safety gates.

Strategically placed gates can make your life a little easier — and give you peace of mind that your child will be safe from potential hazards, such as stairs.

Some facts about child safety gates:

  • Gates are no substitute for careful supervision of your child; never leave your child unattended.
  • Safety gates are intended for children between 6 months and 2 years. It should no longer be relied upon as a safety device once a child learns to climb over it or even open the gate.
  • Hardware-mounted gates are bolted to the walls of your home. They’re appropriate where there’s a chance of your child falling, such as the top of a stairway, indoors or out.
  • Pressure-mounted gates simply press on opposing walls. They should be used only where falling isn’t a hazard, such as between two rooms or to discourage climbing up stairs.
  • Pressure-mounted gates are not secure enough to use at the top of stairs.
  • Custom-fit gates and fencing can be installed to enclose unsafe areas, such as fireplaces.
  • Free-form gates and fencing can be used indoors to enclose your child in a safe play area.
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Home Assessments

There is no a “one-size-fits-all” solution to home modifications or mobility equipment. Home Safe Homes works with each client to fully evaluate the home environment and each person’s physical ability in order to customize a solution to meet his or her mobility needs. Our goal is to promote physical independence and safety while allowing our clients to remain in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible.

We conduct assessments to identify child safety hazards and to identify home modification opportunities for those with impaired or limited physical mobility. Our safety assessments take about an hour to complete. After we’ve compiled our findings into a comprehensive report, each client receives practical tips and suggestions to minimize home hazards. Some safety recommendations will be product or service related: this may include the installation of safety gates, stairlifts, sturdy tub and shower grab bars, barrier free shower, or code-compliant wheelchair ramps to name a few.

Professional Installation and Service

We have been installing the right products for our clients since 2001. We are experts in safety and installation of all our products and mobility equipment. This on the job experience is extremely valuable and unmatched in Central Indiana. Our installers can be counted on to not only make sure your product is installed properly, but will always be on time, clean, and communicate properly with you during the process. When we leave you will have the confidence when it comes to operating your equipment. However, if you ever have a question or need a repair you can count on us to be there for you. We always service what we sell and you can count on us to answer your call and respond within 24hrs.